FAQ - Frequently Answered Questions

  • Can the user change the audio quality?

    Yes. Before you download, the user can change the quality of the converted files. Available formats MP3: 320 kbps, 128 kbps, 64 kbps.

  • How can I save the mp3 files that I want on my iPhone or iPad?

    It is impossible to save files to your iPhone or iPad without an app. To save files to your iPhone or iPad, please download the App Documents By Readdle>>> from Apple Store.
    Important: iOS 13 fixes this problem. New devices allow users to download files from their devices without additional apps. Why did file conversion stop at initialization?

  • Why did file conversion stop at initialization?

    AdBlock could be a possible source of the problem. Its algorithms allow advertising to be blocked and interfere with our service's operation. It is easy to disable blockers or similar software. If that fails to solve the problem, you can use the feedback form on the website. You will need to insert the video link and the format you prefer.
  • When I try to download a file, why does it pop up with an error message?
    Download may not be possible if:
    - It could be that the video is no longer available for public access. In such cases, authorization is required to use it.